PT. Asia Sukses Mandiri

Rukan Taman Meruya , Blok M. 93 Kembangan Jakarta Barat

Telp. : +6221 5865770 , fax : 6221 58900521


Ph. +6221 5865770

Fax. +6221 58900521

Bitung - Tangerang Banten - Indonesia                                                                                                                                                  Kalijati - Subang West Java - Indonesia


Manufacturing ventures were established to provide local production benefits, such as quick response, products that meet local requirements, and more effective inventory control. Our ventures are well equipped with facilities to perform strict quality control work, carry out product development, and conduct application tests.
Producing consistent quality products and provide reliable and timely service delivery.

PT. Inti Sukses Abadi
Manufacture of acrylic polymer, printing binder, softener, dispersant, insolubilizer; specialties antifoam-defoamer. Applications in paper coating, pulp and paper process.