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Bitung - Tangerang Banten - Indonesia                                                                                                                                                  Kalijati - Subang West Java - Indonesia




Pulp & Paper Industry:
Modified starch:
     Wet end, Solsacat

     Coating, Solsacoat™grades
     Spraying, Solsaspray™ grades

Antifoam and defoamer, Defoamstar™ grades

Kaolin for fillers and coating pigments, Imerys brands

Talc and modified talc for pitch and sticky control, Mistron™ grades

Precipitated Calcium Carbonates, Socal™ grades
Pigment dispersant, Isamer™ grades and Isacoat DP™ grades
Coating-insolubilizer/crosslinker, Isalink™ grades
Calcium stearate lubricant, Isacoat LBC™ grades
Paraffin wax emulsion, Isacoat PW™ grades

Biolatex, Ecosphere™ grades
Poly Ethyline Wax Emulsion

Recycling & repulping aid (for wet strength paper), Isapers™ grades

Deinking & bleaching agent chemicals
Cationic-Anionic Polymers, Cationic- Anionic Coagulant
Dewatering-drainage aids chemicals.
High Valued Oil Lubrication.


The Waste & Water Treatment Industry:
Flocculant Polymer, cationic-anionic polymer
Coagulant cationic - anionic and non ionic

Poly Ethyline Amine

Epychlorohydrine and Poly Aluminium Chloride-Mix, Isasol™ grades